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4 The beatification of Mother Zofia Czeska took place on June 9, 2013 at the Basilica of the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki in Krakow. For us, this event was an unforgettable experience. Standing on the square we were waiting eagerly for the beatification.
5 The whole ceremony was beautiful and everybody was engaged in singing and praying. Even though the weather was hot no one was paying attention to that as the beatification was something special to each of us.
6 The painting of Mother Zofia Czeska has a special meaning for every member of the school community. She was a founder of the first school for poor girls in Kraków. In that time, unprivileged girls  had small chances for education, they were neglected and forgotten. Mother Zofia took care of them and opened the door to the world of education. Thanks to her our school exists. For these reasons,  participation in this ceremony was a spiritual experience for us.
7 Many people attended the Beatification Mass: students from different schools, cities and countries. During the mass cardinal Angelo Amato gave blessing to all of us and read the letter written by the Pope. The Holy Father explained why he had decided to proceed with the beatification of Mother Zofia. 
8 Blessed Zofia Czeska is so dear to us for what she had done to make the school a friendly environment  for poor girls. We are happy that we took part in that event as it was exceptional. 

Martyna, Klaudia and Asia







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