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1 Education is the main priority at our school but our students take a lot of pleasure in developing their interests and passions too.
2 During open days organised at our school every year students from other schools can join our classes. In the picture our chemistry lab.
3 In our school we hold a number of ceremonies to mark important religious and state events. School choir is essential in all of them.
“Uncle’s Friends” religious prayer group was established by teachers of our school who are eager to follow in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II. A group of "Uncle's Friends" follow the same trails through the picturesque  mountains where young Karol Wojtyla used to hike. He also enjoyed skiing, backpacking, and kayaking. Young people called him "an uncle". 11
Members of the school tourist club in the Tatra Mountains. You need comfortable walking shoes, lots of stamina, good humor and you can set off on a trail. It’s going to take you 12 hours to reach the hostel, where dinner is waiting for you and you have somewhere to sleep.  10

Extra activities organised by the vast majority of teachers provide students with comprehensive intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development. Those who love literature and poetry can join a drama club.

A performance given on Patron's Day

9 Sister Anna Telus, our head teacher, is greeting participants of a traditional party organized by upper secondary school students a hundred days before final exams.
10 Our school gymnasium decorated for the traditional party organized by upper secondary school students a hundred days before final exams. All students are dancing the Polonaise – a stately Polish processional dance.

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