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Koło Historyczno-Modelarskie "Tygrysek"


The school in Rzeszow is coeducational. It consists of lower secondary school (age13-15) and Lyceum – upper secondary school (students at the age of 16 –18).

2  A high level of education in our Lyceum is reflected not only by good marks achieved in  the Final Exam but also by the number of students competing in various competitions at the state level.

In recognition of these achievements in the 2017 Perspektywy Best Secondary Schools Ranking our Lyceum was ranked 21st among the best schools in Poland and  1st in the Podkarpacie region in the south-east of the country.

  What is more, the Lyceum earned the Golden School Award 2017. The award placed our Lyceum  among 500 best secondary schools in Poland.
Warsaw, the 2017 "Perspektywy" Best Secondary Schools Ranking gala
5 The following subjects can be found in the student curriculum: Polish Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Geography, Art, Music, Social studies, IT, PE and Religious Education.

All students are required to study two foreign languages, e.g.: English, German, French, Italian or Latin. Languages are taught in a group of about 15 students at different levels according to students’ language abilities.
7 In 1999, the Ministry of Education established that the completion of the Assessment Test at the end of lower secondary school would become the requirement for leaving the school. The better the result, the bigger chance to be enrolled in the upper secondary school choice for the student. 
The exam is designed to assess the skills that students are expected to have learned across both humanistic subjects and Mathematics & Science.
8 a All upper secondary school students are required to write the Final Exam in grade 12 and pass the exam to earn the Baccalaureate Diploma which enables them to enrol in a university.



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